The school has been existing for 22 years.

We offer:
• high standard of teaching,
• safety and care for students,
• home-like atmosphere,
• a small number of students in every class,
• obligatory English and German classes (3-6 lessons per week) – in groups according to students’ level,
• extra classes of French, Spanish and Russian (for those who want to attend them)
• “Unusual Wednesdays” for middle school students; workshops,
• various options of P. E. classes to chose from,
• participation in EU projects, e. g. “The School of Fulfilled Dreams”, “E-academy for the Future”,
• individual consultations with teachers for the students and parents,
• assistance in developing passions,
• scholarships for the best students.

The students can use the rooms equipped with modern multimedia and they can attend:
• classes to prepare for the examinations of foreign languages,
• classes to prepare for European Computer Driving Licence ECDL Core and Advanced,
• extracurricular activities,
• regular preventive activities.
The students can take part in:
• numerous trips to theatres, cinemas and exhibitions,
• annual national and international tours and ski camps.
The students can use individual lockers for books, etc. and have meals and snacks in school bar.

Considerable success of the students:
• the highest middle school exam results in the district,
• high Matura exam results (the school has been among the best in Pomeranian province),
• the main awards of the Polish President for photo reportages from the Entrepreneurship Day,
• English and German certificates,
• EDCL certificates,
• students’ registration books of higher education (Maths, Chemistry, Physics),
• finalists and winners of the junior provincial competitions in geography, history, biology, maths, IT,
• winners in the language competitions: “Show what you can do”, “The Baltic German Language Contest”,
• finalists of mathematical competitions of the provincial, regional, national and international level.